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North Pole 2000

Press Release from the North Pole!

Santa New Sleigh Design


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Controversy at the North Pole as Santa Claus 

invests in new turbo sleigh. 

North Pole- Santa Claus caused quite a stir yesterday as he slid in to the sleigh docking bay with his new, turbo Gazelle S900 sleigh. It has been centuries since Santa has sat in anything other than a sleigh created by Reindeer & Co.

"I can't believe he has done this," said Donner, owner of Reindeer & Co. , " We've had our problems in the past, but we have been negotiating a new contract to settle all our differences."

Since their introduction to the market in 1904, the Gazelle line of sleighs could only be powered by the gazelle. While in recent years Santa has been unable to look at competitive bids because of Reindeer union laws . The market has changed drastically in past years, demanding that a sleigh be more versatile in the area of speed, and weight (Santa isn't getting any thinner). Hence, the S900 is now designed to accept any large, four or two legged animal, including reindeer.

"Reindeer & Co. just has not kept up with the times," said Flash, CEO of Gazelle Sleighs and Bobsleds,"Until now, they have had a monopoly of the market. We're not here to push them out of the scene, we just want to produce a technologically advanced, friendlier product. With our new model we can finally compete."

Word from the reindeer union is still out, but sources close to union president, Blitzen, say he's not pleased with any proposed changes. Especially this close to Christmas.

Santa did not return phone calls by press time.

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